L I S T E N I N G: All We Want For [insert holy day here] is Peace (?)

Do we really think we’ve tried listening?

“I know you think we are your enemy and that we want to hurt you. It isn’t true. We are sorry for the pain we have caused. We want to listen to you.”

What then?

What would they do?

Demonizing has got us this far.

Us and them has lowered the bar

That is in our way.

Go around it and say,

I wish to see, hear, and know you

And understand the root of your pain.

And if I have I’ve got anything to do with it,

I will reflect on possible change.


There is still H E A R T in the White House,

so all is not lost. 



Diminish the cost. 

Stop this now. 

Cut as close to the root as you can, because you know

in a minute it’s out of your hands.

Seize the Golden Truth of this moment. 

And Let Us Say...

“He stopped this war, almost


It began.”

...A m e n . •



Very Secret Agents .

I knew who had won because all was quiet outside my east village window.

And faintly, beyond trees, up high rises came at some vague hour of morning a familiar chant. Not our president. Not our president. Like an alarm sounding in the night it came, a clear indication to go back to sleep?

Follow Your Fits (2)

We’re so often told what we want. For example I’ve heard what a woman supposedly wants. All I’ve ever been able to conclude is that either I am not actually a woman, that is not what any women want, or the phenomenal possibility that desires are far more intricate than can possibly be generalized based on sex, gender, nationality, religion, or race. But how do we decipher what it is that we individually and authentically, want? Here is one tool. Let’s call it: A Tear Theory ( SPOKEN WORD ) -

Gratitude Is...

Gratitude is love entering the body in whatever form and, if not clung to, exiting the body- as gratitude. Pain comes through the body and if not clung to, held onto, identified with, it passes through the body and comes out as forgiveness. 

Mind- Your (Drunken) Father.

So what if he gets a little drunk and f*cks up sometimes. Okay, so he’s a bit delusional. He is sometimes wrong about what he thought was going down or should be happening. He means well. He is trying to keep us safe.

So even the idea that there is something more powerful than the Daddy-mind can be confusing and threatening to what has been.

Progressive Listening.

There are just so many reasons that someone might do the things they do, and feel what they feel, that we can’t possibly conceive of. The only one we conceive of is the one that has to do with us. The one that includes us in the scenario. 

That is the way of the mind. "G-d, it must have been me." 

Now, of course, most probably, the person on the street giving you the "dirty look," actually forgot her glasses this morning and is squinting to see.

Surrender to precisely What Is .

How Crazy, silly it seems to us, how something so subtle, so seemingly 

random, something as  S o f t  as 

 Surrender to precisely What Is 

could be the undoing of the Ferocity of Anger,

Depression, Desperation.

The flap of the butterfly's wing that  E b b s  the hurricane.

the light direction.

In the midst of darkness happens to be the prime place in which to find light. And so we go on the journey through our personal darkness to find that, in fact, depression is an opportunity for true discovery. Everything is cloaked in its opposite. If you are depressed, you are on the verge of something big. The size of the light is directly in proportion to its shadow. Imagine the size of the light accessible to you. It is time you’re given a map that might point you in the light direction.