Love-spilling Eyes.

In the current moment of our collective energy, we've been downloaded a lot about a compulsive coupling tendency. To race into this world looking for that one to be everything. Who without, you will be left lonely. desperately.

So we're desperately searching out the eyes, Are you for me?

So it confuses that simplicity of reminding divinity. 

Our Contract. To Expand.

Each of us (‘you,’ ‘I,’) is an exquisite, shining being, unto self, worthy of the love that is available to us, constantly, simply, merely for the fact of our being.

Because we are that cool, it is natural that together we would like to play.

 And because the world is as extraordinary as it is, we would like to lend our play to the support of its inherent truths (Oneness) - in the forms of architecture, money, art, ideas, and energy - awakening.


We are offered ways of Living and Loving like items on a menu- A or B? 

Your  H E A R T  is a blueprint, a map, that is completely unique to you.

If you follow it closely it stands to reason that what you 'build'- your life's context, your relationships, your expression in the world- will also be completely your own. What your authentic desires, longings, impulses, and callings are prompting you do, may look distinct from others.' 

Upgrading Love. NEW READ on Passenger's "Let Her Go." (Good News)

A very popular song in our moment croons You only know you Love her when you let her go. It indicates that it is when she finally flees or you leave her, you awaken to her worth, to the extent to which you loved her. And now she's gone. Bad timing in the recognition. And of course this happens. And of course it hurts!

Best news ever. 

You can let her go, i.e. be non-attached and unconditional, whilst staying with her- and recognize that you love her (know that you love her), to boot. "Funny" how we can be with someone for such long times and not really know that we love them, for we're holding on too tightly- 

for them to shine, for us to see accurately, for love to thrive.


"A ship is safe in the harbor, but that's not what ships are for." - William G.T. Shedd